Paint-related equipment

♦Pretreatment furnace and liquid heating device (gas combustion type)
♦Dehydration dryer
♦Painting Room (Powder / Solvent System)
♦Paint baking drier (QUICK CURING SYSTEM)
 •Far infrared panel + hot air system Solvent type
 •Large gas infrared burner + hot air system•••Powder system
 •Catalytic radiation panel (Sanx thermo reactor) + hot air system•••Solvent system · powder system
♦Deodorizer (direct combustion type, catalytic combustion type, thermal storage deodorization type)
 and exhaust heat utilization system
♦Other painting related equipment
 •UV curing device
 •Continuous color coating line
 •Hunger baking furnace

Exhaust gas treatment equipment

♦Direct combustion type deodorizer
♦Catalytic combustion type deodorizer
♦Regenerative deodorizer
♦Sterilization gas combustion device (EOCS)
♦Special exhaust gas combustion treatment device
♦Excess Gas Combustion device

Industrial furnace

♦ Heat treatment furnace for catalyst (mesh belt type)
♦ Heat treatment furnace for catalyst (Turntable type)
♦ OA parts heating furnace
♦Substrate heating furnace (continuous nitrogen atmosphere furnace)
♦Glass tube heat treatment device (electric infrared heating system)
♦ Steel Sheet Heat Treatment Furnace (Gas Infrared Heating System)
♦ Glass substrate heating furnace (electric hot air circulation system)
♦ Varnish hardening furnace
♦ Batch furnace (gas type · electric type)
High temperature treatment furnace (Hardening furnace・Annealing furnace・Normalizing furnace)