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FKS burner

[ Features ]
It is also suitable for high furnace pressure by installing a turbo blower.
It realized splitting and short flame by unique combustion tube structure.
Equipped with all the combustion device in a compact casing

SBII burner

[ Features ]
Stable combustion can be obtained.
Combustion safety equipment is incorporated.
It is easy to adjust.
Maintenance is easy.
A proportional control device can also be installed.

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OGA burner
OGA-50(581.4kW) / OGA-60(697.7kW) / OGA-75(872.1kW) / OGA-100(1162.8kW) / OGA-150(1744.0kW)

[ Features ]
This burner is a gun type burner with universal performance designed to fully burn various gas fuels such as natural gas (LNG) and LPG.

DGS burner
DGS-200(3.7kW) / DGS-300(7.5kW)

[ Features ]
It is a versatile gun type burner with a large capacity.
The combustion range is wide and stable combustion is possible.
Pushing high intensity combustion method is possible.
Because this burner burns of the nozzle mix method, there is little danger of backfire.
Because the burner tip has a remixing mechanism, continuous ignition is performed, so there is no worry about lift.

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